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Thread: Jah Cure's 1st interview after his release. {VIDEO}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bahama Mama View Post
    Well Jade did apologize already for whatever it was she was apologizing for, and made a peace treaty. No additional berating was needed.
    I just posted in order of what I saw still .... truthfully I saw that post you're talking about AFTER which is why I never quote it up and say anything more on it - but unu sensitive like a manics on suicide watch on these ends - omg - lmaooooooooooooooo -* dead *

    Quote Originally Posted by acidblade View Post
    go jah cure bullet bullet
    you goin the cure fest he talkin about???

    I wish I could *kiss teet*
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    Default Re: Jah Cure's 1st interview after his release. {VIDEO}

    "Integrity is what we do,
    what we say,
    and we say we."

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