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Thread: The Death of Static Major

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    Angry The Death of Static Major

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    He called his mom and told her, "Mama, something doesn't feel right. It hurts." When the doctor's were made aware that the shunt was hurting him, they took it was over! When taking the shunt out, they took it out....
    Link included: Static Major's Death

    This is so sad, every time I see the Lil Wayne video, I wonder how the guy dies, I wish I didn't know. Out more bright light out!

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    Default Re: The Death of Static Major

    The moral of this story is do not put off for tomorrow what u could do today! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised! Do whatever it is that you have to do and whatever it is that you want to do TODAY!

    So true.....!

    Sorry he had to go out like that. Why insist on that threatment? I wonder if it was driven by $$$. In that case, they should pay the family damages.
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