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Thread: Most thought provoking music videos

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    Default Most thought provoking music videos

    with so much going on in the world today, which vids you feel best address the issues?

    can i have the vids embedded anyways? stole by kelly rowland earth song by michael jackson they don't care about us by michael jackson
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    fut the shuck up..

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    Default Re: Most thought provoking music videos Matchbox 20 (the situation in the world. I love this song) Ghostface Killah (struggles and the benefits of having a strong family. Too many kids choose that wrong route in life because of lack of strong family members and influences.)
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    Default Re: Most thought provoking music videos

    Dear Mama

    By Tupac Shakur.

    Despite his controversial nature, this is still one of the most touching songs ever delivered by a rapper.
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    Default Re: Most thought provoking music videos Queen- The show must go on How do you react when you know that you're dying but still try to make it easier for family and friends City High-What would you do? I still don't know what I would do in that situation TLC-Unpretty TLC-Waterfalls
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