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Thread: Stress is a killer

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    Default Stress is a killer

    To everyone who has ears...

    My dear and beloved cousin passed away this morning. He had been part of a custody battle for his children for over a year. His children were his life. He offered a bright smile, a positive word to everyone he met, and counseling where it was needed. He was in his mid-forties before a mild stroke crept upon him one day without warning, right after he attended court (concerning his children). A couple days later, he is now in the Lord's arms. This is all to say simply this. DO NOT TAKE STRESS FOR GRANTED. How many times have you heard of people who lived stressful lives , went to the bathroom at night and then got a stroke right then and there. It can happen to anyone, AT ANY AGE. Taking on stress is very dangerous. Our lives have become so hectic that stress has become part of our daily routine. Stress is not healthy, eliminate it wherever and whenever you can. Life is too short not to enjoy it. In the end, my cousin became so fed and depressed, that he was ready to be with the Lord even when he was alive. Stress is a silent killer, and you may never realize how bad it is until that fatal moment.
    ... let him hear.
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    I've seen what stress can do to people, some even loose weight!
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    Sorry to hear about your cousin. My condolences. We all know that stress is a killer though. Sometimes, so much comes on your plate that stress is inevitable.
    To Be Spiritually lifted and mentally gifted is one thing, to be socially motivated and economically elevated is another. When u selfishly withhold these things, you my dear....have nothing.

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    a true. And also dont take on more than what you can handle. Even if it means more money. Money cant bring u back.

    You work hard to enjoy your life. But you should be happy while doing it.

    sorry about your cousin
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    RIP your cuz.

    Stress is a very slow creeper. Some people just dont know how to handle it. Life can be rough sometimes.

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