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    Cool Raw for life!

    GET A COPY OF THIS FILM MUST SEE! A friend showed me this film!

    80 PERCENT OF MY PLATE IS NOW RAW VEG! I had vegs before but not enough. It cheaper to invest in your health than to wait until your health gets bad and you have to pay triple for medications and health care. Yes I would know my mom is going through the well well well ill stage and I know the costs!

    The government says it free but when you end up with diabetes to the stage it gets bad and you end up with kidney problems like my mom you will know what I am talking about. I have seen patients at KPH with Kidney,Liver,Cancer,Heart problems this is not something to take likely please eat healthy! My mom had veg but it wasnt strict and consistent!

    -Drinking alot of water and excercise alone is not enough especially if you still on junk.
    -Eat your veggies and drink your "NATURAL BLENDED JUICES"
    - I have a little chicken but its without the skin and baked with "NATURAL SEASONS" no powder rubbish!
    -You can have a little meat but make sure you have more veg than meat!

    -When my mom was admitted last month at the KPH she could not talk or eat she was too weak. I witnessed the docs put her on the drip and injected her with big needles and drew blood from her everyday doing tests upon tests upon tests.When I observed the other patients in the renal ward couple of them was on oxygen and way more wire up than my mom. Three of them died during the course of one week I visited my Mom. Most of us I am sure do not want to go through that. Thank god my mom is out of the hospital "ALIVE".She can now eat and talk but because of the kidney issue her diet is VERY VERY STRICT NOW!

    -Some people will say them dont care them will eat anything and when you fi dead a just so. Well I dont look at life that way.

    -You are what you eat and most of us dig our graves with our teeth!
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    Default Re: Raw for life!

    I've seen the difference a vegetarian diet has made on people. Green really is the way to go.
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    Ever heard about freegans? They seemed to be pretty healthy too at a fraction of the cost...
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