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Thread: Trinidadians don't want Jamaicans?

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    Default Trinidadians don't want Jamaicans?

    PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC):The Trinidad and Tobago government says the influx of thousands of illegal Jamaicans into the country is putting a strain on its resources, resulting in the loss of more than TT$1 billion or J$17.7 billion annually.

    Trinidad's National Security Minister Gary Griffith, in a statement supporting the actions of immigration officers to deport 13 Jamaicans last month, said the authorities cannot act as a "rubber stamp" when it comes to allowing people into the country.

    "It is to be noted that at this present time, there are more than 19,000 Jamaicans in Trinidad and Tobago who have entered at legitimate ports of entry, but who have remained illegally and cannot be accounted for," Griffith said.

    He described the statistics as "alarming", saying "these people are dependent on state resources such as education and health care, may be employed and are not subject to taxes, which amounts to a loss of revenue of over TT$1 billion per annum".

    My view is that if any visitor to any country doesn't legitimately meet the criteria then reject them and send them back. However, this must be done in a respectable way - provide then with basic accommodations and food while in custody. This is offered to prisoners who did serious crimes, why not to persons under suspicion of breaching immigration rules?
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