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Thread: Can T an' T Do it

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    GO T & T GO!
    look at the patience that I'm demonstratin'
    After a week or two I usually start eliminatin'
    But we got thru the convo on the phone
    Now we finally chillin' in the condo all alone
    I tried to be the expressive, without bein' aggressive
    Just bein suggestive, a lil more impressive

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    I was banned for two years

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    I'm sorry...don't mean to rain on y'all parade but T&T can't win unless they score goals and a team like Parguay will mince them up if they dare attack and expose themselves. T&T did great by qualifying and holding off Sweden. Admitedly, England got lucky but T&T still too defensive. If anything, they need to improve finishing infront of goal because second round is either Germany or Costa Rica and that game has to end so draw nah help them.
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