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Thread: Haiti News

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    HLLN Note; While our opponents, these vile fascists, are concentrating on silencing the voice of the pro-democracy movement, in Haiti this weekend a massacre is happening. And I mean a massacre. Yesterday the murderous Haitian police, under the guise of looking for escaped criminals, went into Bel Air and mowed down more than 15 people in cold blood, with UN troops providing firepower cover.

    More are dying in the Cite De Dieu today. Who do we call for help here? This is an evil, evil world with international officials turning their heads away while our people simply are murdered under UN mandate and the media staying absolutely blind, dumb and deaf as Haitians die and die and die and die. It is horrifying. I 'm simply tired of sending out these cries for help when the world doesn't seem to care. The Brazilian are killing my people. The Chilean are killing my people, The Pakistanis are raping our young girls. Bush, his administration and coup d'etat cohorts have done a character assassination job on the entire nation of Black Haitians, criminalizing all of us, who do not wish to be ruled by them, as "chimeres." Now they are starting a new slimy chorus, we are pedophile lovers. Meanwhile, the Haitian army are raping our women and girls - The political prisoners are purposely let out of their prison cells, so today the murderous Haitian police and UN troops have an excuse for killing them without conscience. It is really too, too evil. Where are the principled people of the world? The rational ones with moral principles. Why are all the storylines these Coup d'etat people dream up to cover their genocide in Haiti so easily gobbled up by the world? I refuse to believe it is deliberate and intended towards our destruction. If I believed the evilness I am living here, that Haitians are living today in Bel Air, Cite De Dieu, Cite Soleil, is sanctioned by the world's peoples, ordinary citizenry and not just their corrupt leaders, I simply couldn't continue. I am appealing to people of the world, help us pro-democracy Haitians stop the killing and suffering going on in Haiti supervised by the U.S.-imposed Latortue government and its overseas Black overseers' - these morally repugnant Haitians who are destroying the pro-democracy movement in order to fulfill the Neo-con Imperialist's agenda of re-enslavement of Haitians.

    Someone help us stop the killing of defenseless Haitians. If you are an official of the U.N. or a Congressional person with access to these powers, call Kofi Anan at home. Wake him the hell up. Call the Condi Rice. Call the White House. MINUSTHA in Haiti, the Brazilian Commander, the OAS, Caricom, African Union. (Contact numbers and some detail info -but in French- for our Network below.)

    It is absolutely unbearable to get these calls from Haiti, on cell phones and fading lines of communication, listening to my people get shot, and shot and shot down. It is unbearable. We are not animals. Were the hell is the world's journalists? We do not deserve this. The Haitian children, boys and girls, dying, being traumatized, raped and tortured by the Haitian military and Andre Apaid's paid gangs in Cite Soliel do not deserve to be left to this awful fate. Why are the world's citizens allowing their journalists and major press to remain blind, deaf and dumb on the massacre of Haitians resisting this U.S-led and orchestrated tyranny?

    Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
    Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
    February 26, 2005

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    I wish the west would show some genuine concern towards the woes of countries such as Haiti,who's people endure so much trauma and hardship.

    I can understand the prolonged interest in a country such as Zimbabwe with it's closely linked historical ties with Britain but it is quite obvious that their real concern is for the white compatriots above all else.

    Sometimes with the exception of Iraq, Zimbabwe gets top billing week on week and it sometimes appears that the world's other problems have somehow managed to iron theselves out into a creaseless and acceptable pile of finished laundry.

    The day humans get their priorities right,is the day we will be governed directly by the Almighty himself.He cares,despite what we are.

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    Default European Union Ends Aid Freeze

    A European Union last week unblocked £72 million euros (£49) in aid to Haiti..
    further details here @

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