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Thread: Happy independence Haiti

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    Exclamation Happy independence Haiti

    I want wish all my Haitian’s on caribyard a successful happy independent nation. January 1, 1804 to January 1,2007 203 years inpendent nation years. Colonial rule from France.

    No matter where you live France (pairs, Lyon, Marseille,). Canada (Montreal, st. Jean, Quebec City) United States (Boston-massachetts, Miami-Florida-little Haiti, New York, new jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Arizona, new Hampshire, Maine,) Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana. and beyond

    Let put our un-agreements aside and enjoy New Year. With a progress and country in the New Year

    Happy y birthday Haiti
    my heart pumps 100% haitian blood

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    Default Re: Happy independence Haiti

    From a non-Haitian may I also wish all Haitians a Happy independence day

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    Default Re: Happy independence Haiti

    Do Haitians get two days holiday back to back. I mean for both New Years Day and Independence Day
    It's better to Try and Fail than Fail to Try

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