CASTRIES, St Lucia, May 16, 2007 - Who will be St Lucia's next prime minister? That is the question being posed by many St Lucians as speculations seem fast turning to reality - that the prime minister and United Workers Party leader, Sir John Compton, may not be returning to the helm of the government.

Acting Prime Minister, Stephenson King, in an address to the nation yesterday confirmed that the Sir John suffered a series of strokes.

"The results of medical test which were then pending and received last Friday indicate that Sir John suffered a series of mini strokes in St Lucia prior to his arrival in New York on May 1st," stated King. "The results also reveal that he suffered another stroke while under the care of his doctors, who were at the time conducting medical test. These tests were being done at the same hospital that he has used for such purposes for the last ten years."

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