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Thread: DEPUTY PM - Sir John Compton to relinquish office

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    Default DEPUTY PM - Sir John Compton to relinquish office

    CASTRIES, St Lucia, May 17, 2007 - The Cabinet of the United Workers Party (UWP) administration is to meet shortly to elect a member to replace Sir John Compton as prime minister.

    Acting Prime Minister Stephenson King, who has just had his appointment extended, said that after Sir John recovers and returns home he may not be able to return to office. The prime minister is in a New York hospital after suffering a series of strokes which had physically impaired the leader.

    He told reporters yesterday that at every step of Sir John's illness he provided information to the public which he had, being careful to balance privacy and the need of the public to know. He also said that he had been enjoying the full support of his Cabinet colleagues.

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    Default Re: DEPUTY PM - Sir John Compton to relinquish office

    Poor fellow. I hope he'll make a full recovery in due time.
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