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Thread: New monitors of Kick 'em Jenny and Jack

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    Default New monitors of Kick 'em Jenny and Jack

    ST GEORGES, Grenada, May 17, 2007 - Scientists have completed the installation of ocean floor seismometres to monitor the two underwater volcanoes off Grenada - Kick 'em Jenny and Kick 'em Jack.

    The system is the closest to the volcano than it has ever been and will transmit the slightest tremor to the volcano observatory in Sauteurs, said Dr Robert Reves-Sohn of the Woods-Hole Oceanographic Institution, one of three institutions involved in the work.

    "This (will allow) us to detect even the very smallest signals that the volcano generates including eruptions that have seismic precursors that serve as a warning that the volcano is about to erupt. In l990 Kick Em Jenny erupted without any apparent precursory activity and we feel that by having the seismometer now right on the volcano this would provide additional sensitivity and we might just be able to get actual warnings of eruptions that can be detected by the stations on land," he told reporters.

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    Are they big? Did they affect Grenada the last eruption?
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