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    A couple won a charity raffle. Their prize was a day of golf at a very exclusive local golf course. The course was members only, and the members were primarily rich people who lived in the mansions that surrounded the course.

    The couple arrived early, and they had a wonderful day of golf. By late afternoon they were exhausted. The husband wanted to leave, but his wife insisted on one more round.

    Unfortunately they were tired, and the wife hit a wild shot. it went straight towards one of the largest mansions, into a gorgeous stained glass window. The sounds of the glass shattering to the ground seemed to last forever.
    They realized they would have to own up to their mistake. They walked over to the mansion and knocked on the door.

    A deep voice said "Come on in."

    They walked in, but before they could say a word, a large man said "Thank you for breaking that window. You see, I'm a genie and I've been locked in lamp for 1000 years. Your ball knocked over my bottle and set me free!"
    "Normally, you would get three wishes for freeing me. As this was unintentional, and there are two of you, I'll give you each one wish, and keep the third for myself. What do you wish?"

    The husband replied " I would like a million dollars a year, every year, for the rest of my life."

    "Granted," said the genie.

    The wife said "I'd like a beautiful house in every country."

    "Granted," said the genie. "And for my wish, I have but a simple request. I've been locked up in that damn bottle for a thousand years without sex. All I ask is that you allow me to have sex with your wife."

    The husband thought for a moment, "OK. I Guess it's the least I can do."
    The genie took the woman up to one of the exquisite bedrooms in the house and made love to her for three hours. After he was done he asked the wife "Tell me, how old is your husband?"

    "Thirty-five," replied the wife.

    "Thirty-five! and he still believes in genies?"

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    good one

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    Yo It Maddddddddd
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