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    from wha i kno in jamaica callaloo is a green leafy vegetable ....not soup OUI'
    dem call me hot steppa .....mudera!

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    I'm guilty of the following...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tastee

    #1 You go to parties for the food... and the word free never quite had the same meaning.

    #2 You bring home food from a party.

    #3 You show disappointment by sucking on your teeth (steupsing)

    #4 You have cancelled plans because of rain even when you're going to be indoors

    #5 You pronounce words in plural, even though it's meant to be singular, eg."gimme ah COKES" or "ah GRAPES".

    #6 You could sing an entire Parang song in Spanish word for word, but don't speak or understand a word of Spanish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastee
    Yuh know yuh is a Trini if...

    You refer to all salt crackers as "Crix".

    You go to parties for the food... and the word free never quite had the same meaning.
    Your recipe for making orange juice is plenty water, plenty sugar,plenty ice and only 2 orange... and ah pak ah red kool-aid tuh stretch it...

    You say "boy" at the beginning of a sentence and "man" at the end of it...
    and the words "yes we" doesn't refer to any people. .
    "Priority" doesn't have anything to do with what you have to do right away.

    You put ketchup and peppersauce on your pizza. Anchovies? Yuh losin' it or what?
    Your cupboards are full of canned corned beef, pepper sauce and red beans and baked beans ...and a dry coconut for the pelau.

    You think steak is a waste of good meat. You rather cut it up and stew it with some potatoes instead ... or curry it and make roti.
    You use your finger to measure the water when cooking rice. .

    You bring home food from a party.
    "Dis August holidays" actually start in July. .

    You show disappointment by sucking on your teeth (steupsing) ...and You can conjugate "ah steupse" by age four (three if yuh smart)
    You still call a soda a "sweet drink" and an avocado, a "zaboca". and you go to the shoprite clerk and ask them "whe allyuh have de breez?" meaning "where is the laundry detergent?".

    You say "whappenin" even at a funeral.
    You tell the host "Good Night" when you arrive at someone's home in the evening.

    When someone pays you a compliment, you say "Doh mamaguy meh". .When someone sympathises with you, you comment "Yuh think it easy?".
    You refer to all sweet coloured juice as "Kool-Aid".. .

    You call a quarter a "schilling" when this really means 24 cents.
    You know that using "blue" makes white clothes whiter.

    Just because something is called a "bake" you don't assume that it indicates the way it was cooked.
    You have at least one relative living in either England, Canada, or the US.

    You know that a washy-kong bears no relationship to King Kong.
    You know about straightening, pressing, S-curls and Gherri curls regardless of your ethnic background.

    You have cancelled plans because of rain even when you're going to be indoors
    Rain is also a legitimate reason to be late for a rendez-vous...or to miss work. ...

    All vaccinations are called injections.
    All dish washing detergents are called "Squezy". .

    You know of at least one person who wakes up at 4am to LISTEN to cricket from Australia / New Zealand on the RADIO.
    On at least one occasion you have: been told that you have a cold in some part of your anatomy other than your head or chest and/or had a virus named after something popular with the times eg. Bionic, Ninja, the hijab and the sting.

    Despite lack of interest, someone has tried to convince you of the benefits of taking a purge, or becoming a born again.
    You can feel cold when it's 25 C.

    You pronounce words in plural, even though it's meant to be singular, eg."gimme ah COKES" or "ah GRAPES".
    You say "FLIM" (film), "AXE" (ask) or "PITIAH"(picture), "STATELLITE" (satellite), "CUTLASH" (cutlass). .

    You know what "Wukking a 10-days" is, and know darn well it's going to take much longer than 10 days.

    You know the meaning of several indian words, eg. "dahl", "bahgee", "channa", "bharra", "chunkae", "bowgee" and use them in every language and actually believe them to be the correct English terms. .

    You know that a lime is not necessarily a fruit.
    You call any 'older' woman "Tantie" and any 'older' man "Uncle", regardless of whether or not they are related to you or even know you.

    You could sing an entire Parang song in Spanish word for word, but don't speak or understand a word of Spanish.

    You can't bring yourself to using the correct "scientific" names of sensitive body parts because you think it sounds vulgar. Instead you use child-like words such as "tot tots", "bam bam" or "bumsy"

    When in doubt of how to prepare something to eat ... CURRY is the always the solution. You know Trinis will curry any and everything (not just meat) even mango, fish, conch, chataigne, etc...

    You can call your fellow "countryman" by an ethnic name and it would be ok,eg.chinee-man, creole, dougs, or pyol.

    TRINI 2 DBONE!!!

    Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.
    -Maya Angelou

    I am overwhelmed by the grace and persistence of my people.
    -Maya Angelou

    We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.
    -Maya Angelou

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    Default Trini Talk

    To all My Trini People

    Remember watching the last few minutes of signed off T.V. waiting for Sesame Street to begin?

    Remember when one T.V. channel was all you needed, and a remote was unheard of and you used to be happy when yuh picking up channel nine?

    Remember when Dominic Kalipersad was the man on TV from 7pm and you used to wish news was never a show?

    Remember when Judy Alcantara and Allyson Hennesey used to come on the TV every day around lunch time?

    What about de weatherman Robin Maharaj?

    Remember when Channel 6 come on de air, how that was like the biggest thing on TV?

    Remember when a Donkey Kong or an Atari game was cool?

    Remember when chicken and chips was Kentucky and you always wanted a Kentucky kids pack to get a Jo Jo dollar?

    Remember pitchin' marbles, pickin' mangoes, peltin' stones, shooting caps
    guns, checkin' guavas for worms, flyin' kite, lightin' flambo, bussin
    bamboo, runnin' races?

    Remember home work?

    Remember when as soon as you reach on the beach you want to run in de water fast fast? Remember when yuh wanted to see how deep yuh could dig a hole in de sand and if you could reach water?

    Remember when walking arm in arm (sober) with a guy wasn't gay?

    Remember when it was no big deal to kiss your father and your mother's
    lipstick stayed on your face for the whole day of school? (ewww.. ah memba!)

    Remember Alladin lunch kits and Trinpad copy books that had the national anthem and "I solemnly pledge" on the inside cover?

    Remember snakes and ladders, ludo, chinese checkers, go to pack, suck the
    well, rounders, red light green light one two three, I spy, scooch and, kiss
    catch- girls catch the boys (never wanted to get caught, but deep inside
    wanted to get kissed).

    Remember Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, MacGyver, Equaliser, Simon and Simon, Super Friends, the adventures of Batman and Robin, Teen Talent, Scouting for Talent, Twelve and Under, pick a pan in Mastana Bahar, No Boundaries, Turn of the Tide.

    What about Ralph Maharaj in Cross Country?

    Remember Wendell Constantine in Party Time? G-Force, Terror Hawks, Super Gran, Star Fleet, He-Man, Street Hawk, Fall Guys. A-Team, even the old people shows like Knots Landing, Falcon Crest and JR and Bobby in Dallas and as much as I hate to admit it- Circle Square?

    What about when Kiskidee Caravan was the biggest concert out. Dan it up,
    Shot call, Ambush and Edoo Edoo pom pom. (LMAO, dan it up my sis had ah dance tuh dis song..Lard my dad use to do it too! )

    Remember when an RX 7 was de coolest car. When yuh see a black RX 7 it was always de Knight Rider car. What about those Knight Rider lights?

    Remember when Cinema was the big lime, south people remember going
    Gulf City to go in de cinema upstairs? (yup)

    Remember when Chinese Laundry dub tapes or rhythm nation, Dr Hyde was most wanted. Remember when Papa Rocky was a big time DJ?

    Remember when de only soca tune yu liked was "Dey say ah too young for soca, oy yoo yoyy dey making joke" and roll up de tassa, and Sparrow's never eat a white meat yet. Oh gawdd, what about bump and wine? ( bring bac dem ole time dayzzz!)

    Wait Wait, what about Nelson's Soca Daddy (She fall and ... she uh uh)?

    Remember when the only two ladies you knew who used to sing Calypso was
    Denyse Plummer and Drupatee? Never did you think ayyy we going to see a sexy woman on stage!

    What about acid wash or stone wash jeans or hood tops with Malcolm X on it!

    Girls what about jeans with all dem fancy patches on it and yuh wearing big belt too and shoes with fancy colour lacing?

    Remember when shorts for girls used to reach all by they knee and you would
    be like "she looking nice"?

    What about Rikki Tikki and Uncle Ian who used to draw all kind of lines and
    say this is the sun and that is the forest? Remember shouting
    "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!" into d TV believing with all your heart that d Rikki
    Tikki in-studio audience could hear you???? LOL!!!!

    Remember when goin Intercol was the biggest lime after school? Either yuh
    looking to go Skinner Park or in de Stadium.

    What about those two to eight limes? Or when hanging by the video arcade was cool? (yea, thought I was the shyt!)

    What about the Penal Convent bazaars or the Fatima College dances? (And Bishops jed! Dais di only one ah went to )

    Remember when going in the direction after Hilton was like going on some
    hike in some weird area? Never heard about Coconuts then?

    The only reason you going around the savannah was to go in the zoo or by de
    botanic gardens. (or jouvert )

    Remember wanting to catch the maxi with the biggest sounds? (tehe.. Rankin, Lycris, Bashment)

    Remember when "race" was a word used to describe a running competition,
    "colour" was used to describe yuh water paints or yuh drawing book and
    religion was remembering the "our father" and "thank you for the food we

    Remember when a fight was a few hard cuff and ended with a simple sorry?

    Remember when disease was the cold, starvation was a belly ache, a cold
    drink was a big red, a solo or a tall pepsi and how high you got depended on
    who was pushing the swings?

    Remember when the Prime Minister was just a name in Social Studies and
    politics was just a word in your spelling book?

    Remember when guns were full of water and knives were made of plastic?

    Do you remember....... my Trini people?
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