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Thread: Why don't we smell the flowers anymore?

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    Default Why don't we smell the flowers anymore?

    Are we in that much of a hurry in our life that we cannot stop for a moment and take in the wonders of God's creation? Observe the World's beauty, the flowers that grow by the roadside, the trees blooming, the blue hills full of lush vegetation? Or are we so guided by the pursuit of wealth that we neglect to see what riches there are that cost nothing?
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    Default Re: Why don't we smell the flowers anymore?

    As a scientist, I marvel at our how blessed we are. Our green space, although diminishing, is more than most other countries. Haiti has less than 1% green space. People take their surroundings for granted and it will more than likely be too late. If you look at google earth now, which I think uses pictures from about 5 years ago and take a look at the amount of ice in Greenland and get hold of a picture of Greenland today... you'd be shocked. And that is supposed to be "permafrost". Pains my heart sometime to see our country and further our planet being spoiled like this all because we are as Xeno would say...inherently selfish beings. Something has to give.
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    Default Re: Why don't we smell the flowers anymore?

    True ting Ramesh. We need to indeed stop and smell the flowas. Too many times we take the simple air we breathe for granted or the cool breeze we feel. We tend to get caught up in everyday life stresses and issues and loved ones without saying..."yeah man God, thanks for life!"

    As I watch the nice hot summer in Ny fade away and I pack away my open toe slippers and sleeveless blouse and skirts, I have to draw for a jacket nowadays because a winter soon roll een. The grass soon wither and the flowas soon dead. The streets soon be white. Thanks God for snow too but I am learning to understand and appreciate the need to take time and enter each day as a blessed individual. Basically, counting mi blessings.
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