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Thread: Is the death penalty God's command?

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    Default Is the death penalty God's command?

    Governments, he (Rev Al Miller) said, represent the authority of God to dispense justice in the land, and so capital punishment would not be considered murder when dispensed for justice.
    "If Government doesn't exercise it then they will not be carrying out their role," Miller told the Observer.

    He was perhaps alluding to Genesis 9 verse 6 (KJV):

    Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.
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    Default Re: Is the death penalty God's command?

    Some people say the Death penalty is not a deterrent. I don't think it is effective by itself. But i still believe it must be effected.
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    Default Re: Is the death penalty God's command?

    Quote Originally Posted by gucci man View Post
    (Some people say) the Death penalty is not a deterrent.
    I am yet to see one shred of scientific evidence to back that idiotic statement.
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    Default Re: Is the death penalty God's command?

    They have several CyberCat but the question is... is the death penalty solely dispensed as a means of revenge, to scare criminals or as a form of punishment for a crime? Jail time is not a deterrent either so should we just let all the criminals loose? Police aren't deterrents either so should we scrap the constabulary force also? People need to stop focusing on stupid insignificant details and focus on the larger picture. You commit the crime.. you get punished. Its that simple.

    And the bible is contradicting at best... but I believe that justice must be served and God is a fair god so therefore I would like to think that he would sanction the state applying punishment for a crime. In some countries they chop off your fingers for stealing and others your pen*s for rape... so while capital punishment is the extreme... it is just extreme punishment for an extreme crime. We pay $700,000 per year per prisoner... for criminals who show no more remorse and no regret for their crimes. It is a sin to feed a lazy man. What do you think about feeding a cold blooded murder who would do it again given the chance?

    Just my few cents still. Not forcing anyone to subscribe to my way of thinking. I raise the points. You decide.
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