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Thread: Subscribing to quotes

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    Lightbulb Subscribing to quotes

    Ok I know you have the option of subscribing to threads. What about a general option in your account settings that would enable notifications when a post you made is quoted, in any thread?

    It just ran through my mind and I thought I'd ask.

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    Default Re: Subscribing to quotes

    Not sure how that would work since when the quote button is clicked all that happens is that the system copies the text into a new reply text box. The quotes aren't linked in the database to the original post.

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    Default Re: Subscribing to quotes

    what would have to happen would not be easy,

    for example if the post being qouted is post p=147748 chris would have to check if "noqoute=1" is not present in the query string, then. he would do a sql query to determine who posted p=147748 then he would send an email to you that your post is being qouted...

    if i knew php i could do it

    (Hypothecally) always easier said than done
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