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Thread: Air Jamaica Gone To The Dogs.

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    Default Air Jamaica Gone To The Dogs.

    EMPLOYEES of the cash-strapped national airline, Air Jamaica were yesterday advised that their jobs would be made redundant on April 12, the 'target' date for Caribbean Airlines to take over its operations.

    It was the clearest indication that the sale of the national carrier to Trinidad's Caribbean Airline was a done deal, which means renewed attempts recently by the airline's workers to acquire the company, through the Jamaican Airline Pilots Association, were futile.

    My Thoughts:
    I feel so violated as Jamaican. Air Jamaica gone to the dogs, right now i dont like nothing that has anything to do or with reference to Trinidad (No Offense To The Trinis...Soca in my blood lol).but since there wont be any more Air Jamaica, its either Jetblue or dam boat!!! you not getting me on American Airlines muchless Caribbean Airlines pop down 737 fleet Ugly plane. I really hope people boycott Caribbean Airlines.

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    Default Re: Air Jamaica Gone To The Dogs.

    I love Air Jamaica as well and would love to see it survive. Hate the thought of having to give it to Caribbean Airlines, but from what has been proposed, there is no other alternative.

    The pilots trying to do a ting, but dem nuh have nuh funds to take the airline. Was hoping they would, but it nuh look possible.

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    Default Re: Air Jamaica Gone To The Dogs.

    Yea kinna sad bout what happened. Nuff Jamaicans around the world love to travel on Air J. Its a sad thing.
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